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Smoked the old fashion way. Real wood makes it taste real good.

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Bubba's Meats Logo

Smoked the old fashion way. Real wood makes it taste real good.


All beef products are made with Choice or better Angus. Ask us for recipes if you want to try something new!

A diagram of the various cuts of beef and where they come from on the cow


All our steaks are cut approximately 1 inch thick and are Choice or Better Angus

Chuck Roast

Cut from the shoulder of beef, it is known for its rich flavor and tender texture. The marbling in our chuck roast ensures that it delivers exceptional flavors and remains juicy during cooking. Versatility is a highlight of our chuck roast. Whether you choose to slow cook it to perfection, braise it for a comforting stew, or even smoke it for that irresistible barbecue flavor, this cut adapts flawlessly to any cooking method. The versatility opens up endless possibilities to create delicious dishes that will have your family and friends coming back for more.

Rib Roast

The Rib Roast, also known as Prime Rib, is a centerpiece worthy of any special occasion or festive feast. Derived from the rib primal cut, this succulent and flavorful roast is famous for its marbling and tenderness, making it a true showstopper when it comes to premium meats. We have this available seasoned and unseasoned.

Chuck Eye

Chuck eye steak, also known as a chuck eye roast or chuck eye roll, is a beef cut derived from the chuck primal region of the cow. Located near the rib area, it is typically taken from the fifth rib and is known as one of the most tender cuts from the chuck section. In terms of flavor, chuck eye steak offers a rich and beefy taste. It has a good amount of marbling, which adds juiciness and tenderness to the meat. Due to its proximity to the rib area, it exhibits some of the flavors and characteristics similar to the more expensive ribeye steak. Chuck Eye’s are great for grilling, pan-searing, over roasting, and sous vide. Regardless of the cooking method chosen, it’s recommended to let the chuck eye steak rest for a few minutes after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute within the meat and enhance its tenderness

Top Loin (New York Strip)

The New York strip is a popular cut of beef that comes from the upper back of the steer, specifically from the short loin area. It is named after the fact that it gained popularity in New York City steakhouses. Regarding flavor, the New York strip is known for its tenderness and rich, beefy flavor. It has a good amount of marbling, which adds juiciness and flavor when cooked properly. The strip also has a firm texture, making it ideal for grilling or searing. the New York strip is often grilled or pan-seared to medium-rare or medium doneness to maintain its tenderness. It can also be broiled or cooked on a hot skillet. The strip is commonly seasoned with salt, pepper, and sometimes other herbs or spices such as garlic, rosemary, or thyme. Serving it with a classic steak sauce, such as béarnaise or chimichurri, complements its flavor. It is a versatile cut that can be enjoyed as a standalone steak or sliced for use in sandwiches or tacos.


A porterhouse steak is a popular cut of beef that comes from the rear of the short loin. It is a large and thick steak that includes a T-shaped bone, with meat on both sides. The bone in the middle separates two different cuts: the tenderloin on one side and the strip steak (also known as New York strip) on the other. The flavor of a porterhouse steak is rich, beefy, and succulent. Due to its combination of two different cuts, it offers a range of textures and flavors. The tenderloin side is incredibly tender and has a buttery texture, while the strip steak side is slightly firmer and has a more robust flavor. The marbling in the meat adds juiciness and enhances its taste. The two methods we would recommend cooking this cut are grilling to medium-rare or medium, and pan-searing the steak on high heat and then finishing it in the oven, which results in a beautifully seared exterior and a perfectly cooked center.

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

A tenderloin, also known as a Filet Mignon, is a cut of meat that comes from the most tender and leanest part of the beef. It is found along the spinal column and is located beneath the ribs and above the sirloin. This region experiences limited muscle movement, resulting in a tender and succulent meat texture. It possesses a buttery tenderness and a delicate, subtle flavor profile. When it comes to cooking ideas, we recommend grilling, roasting, pan-searing, and Beef Wellington.

Rib Eye

A ribeye steak, also known as a ribeye or rib steak, is a popular and flavorful cut of beef that comes from the rib section of the cow. Specifically, it is sourced from the rib primal, which spans between the sixth and twelfth rib of the animal. Flavor-wise, ribeye is highly regarded for its juicy, buttery, and mouthwatering consistency, which sets them apart from other cuts of beef. It also contains excellent marbling. The marbling refers to the visible streaks of fat within the muscle, which add richness, tenderness, and a succulent texture to the meat. When it comes to cooking ideas, we recommend grilling, pan-searing, & oven-roasting.


A sirloin steak is a popular cut of beef that comes from the back of the cow, specifically from the rear section between the short loin and the rump. It spans from the 13th rib to the hip bone and is divided into two parts: top sirloin and bottom sirloin. In terms of flavor, the sirloin is known for being flavorful, tender, and juicy. It has a good amount of marbling, which contributes to its rich and beefy taste. The top sirloin tends to be more tender and has a subtle, delicate flavor, while the bottom sirloin is a bit tougher but still very flavorful. When it comes to cooking ideas, we recommend grilling, pan-searing or frying, roasting, and stir-frying.


A T-bone steak is a cut of beef that comes from the short loin section of the cow. It is called a T-bone because it has a T-shaped bone with meat on either side. The steak is taken from the front part of the short loin, which includes both the tenderloin and the striploin. n terms of flavor, a T-bone steak offers a combination of tenderness and rich flavor. On one side of the T-bone, you have the tenderloin, which is incredibly tender and has a milder flavor. On the other side, you have the striploin, which is slightly firmer but more flavorful due to its marbling. This dual muscle combination makes the T-bone steak a perfect choice for those who enjoy a balance of tenderness and taste. When it comes to cooking ideas, we recommend grilling, pan-searing, and broiling.

Tri-Tip Roast (Seasonal)

A tri-tip roast, also known as a triangle roast or tri-tip steak, is a flavorful beef cut that comes from the bottom sirloin primal cut of the cow. It is primarily associated with American cuisine, particularly popular in California BBQ and Santa Maria-style cooking. Originating from the triangular-shaped muscle near the hip and hindquarter of the cow, the tri-tip roast is known for being fairly lean but still tender. Since it is a well-exercised muscle, it has a rich, beefy flavor and a slightly coarse texture. The meat has a fine marbling of fat throughout, which helps enhance its taste and juiciness. When it comes to cooking ideas, there are several methods to prepare a tri-tip roast to perfection. One popular way is to grill it over indirect heat or using a reverse sear technique. This allows the meat to cook slowly and evenly, preserving its tenderness and flavor. It is often seasoned with a dry rub or marinade beforehand, which can include a combination of spices like salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and herbs like rosemary or thyme. Another popular cooking method for tri-tip roast is oven roasting. It can be roasted at a moderate temperature (around 350°F or 175°C) until it reaches the desired internal temperature. Resting the roast after cooking is crucial to allow the juices to redistribute and ensure a savory, moist result.


This is made with whole meat. We smoke and season our jerky in-house to give it a great smoky flavor with mild spice.


This is a favorite of ours. Tongue has an excellent beef flavor. Ask us how to cook this specialty to get the most out of it. (Chef’s selection)


German-style coarse ground bologna, made of pork and beef. Smoked and pre-cooked so you can eat it warm or cold.

Dried Beef

Smoked, cured, cooked, sliced thin, and ready to eat! Tastes similar to Roast Beef and is great for sandwiches or beef rollups.

Ox Tail

Tail comes with a strong beef taste, and each tail is cut about an inch and half thick. This needs to be cooked low and slow to get the ideal flavor and texture. Great for soup or stock!

Smoked Sausage

Traditional farmers-style sausage. Coarse ground and heavy smoked.

Stew Meat

Cubes of Chuck or Sirloin meat that can be used for soup, chili, and stew. This needs to be cooked slowly to be rendered tender.

Tenderloin Tips

These well-trimmed pieces of meat are tender and packed with flavor. We recommend you cook them medium rare or medium so you get the ideal tenderness.

Veal Liver

This is a really mild tasting liver. Not as strong as beef liver. Best if floured and fried with onions. If you like liver, this is the best selection around.

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