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Smoked the old fashion way. Real wood makes it taste real good.

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Bubba's Meats Logo

Smoked the old fashion way. Real wood makes it taste real good.


All beef products are made with Choice or better Angus. Ask us for recipes if you want to try something new!

A diagram of the various cuts of beef and where they come from on the cow


All our steaks are cut approximately 1 inch thick and are Choice or Better Angus

Chuck Roast

This is a tender cut of meat from the front shoulder. Chuck Roasts have a perfect mix of marbling for flavor and leanness to give it that great beef flavor.

Rib Roast

A whole rib loin that can be cut to your desired size/weight. Available seasoned or not! Very tender in texture. Cook it low and slow to medium rare to keep the great flavor and tenderness.

Chuck Eye

This cut is taken from the upper shoulder of the cow. It is similar to the Rib-Eye in flavor, but is more price competitive. Best if cooked Medium Rare.

Top Loin (New York Strip)

This cut comes from the short loin on the upper back. This is a leaner cut that comes with a lot of flavor. This is a very versatile cut that can be cooked many different ways.


One of our larger cuts, the Porterhouse is a combination of the tenderloin (Filet Mignon) & the top loin (New York Strip). This offers the tenderness of the tenderloin and great beef flavor of the top loin. This cut of beef typically doesn’t require a lot of seasoning, and is best if cooked to medium rare.

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

All Choice or better Angus. Our filets come at least an inch and half thick in depth and about 8 ounces. These are very lean and tender cuts. We recommend you cook it medium rare.

Rib Eye

As its name implies, the Rib Eye comes from the rib section. More specifically, ribs 6 – 12. Since all of our steaks are Choice or higher, our Rib Eyes come with excellent marbling for amazing flavor. This steak will remain tender up to a medium temperature. If you haven’t had one of our Rib Eyes, you are missing out.


This steak cut comes from the back of the animal where the T-Bone and Porterhouse meet. Can be used for tips, steaks, and roasts. This is a leaner cut since it is in the back. We wouldn’t recommend cooking it passed medium rare.


Same as Porterhouse, just no Filet Mignon.

Tri-Tip Roast (Seasonal)

A triangle-shaped cut from the bottom of the sirloin. Tri-Tip is a good tougher cut of Choice meat that is best cooked low and slow to complement the beef flavor.


This is made with whole meat. We smoke and season our jerky in-house to give it a great smoky flavor with mild spice.


This is a favorite of ours. Tongue has an excellent beef flavor. Ask us how to cook this specialty to get the most out of it. (Chef’s selection)


German-style coarse ground bologna, made of pork and beef. Smoked and pre-cooked so you can eat it warm or cold.

Dried Beef

Smoked, cured, cooked, sliced thin, and ready to eat! Tastes similar to Roast Beef and is great for sandwiches or beef rollups.

Ox Tail

Tail comes with a strong beef taste, and each tail is cut about an inch and half thick. This needs to be cooked low and slow to get the ideal flavor and texture. Great for soup or stock!

Smoked Sausage

Traditional farmers-style sausage. Coarse ground and heavy smoked.

Stew Meat

Cubes of Chuck or Sirloin meat that can be used for soup, chili, and stew. This needs to be cooked slowly to be rendered tender.

Tenderloin Tips

These well-trimmed pieces of meat are tender and packed with flavor. We recommend you cook them medium rare or medium so you get the ideal tenderness.

Veal Liver

This is a really mild tasting liver. Not as strong as beef liver. Best if floured and fried with onions. If you like liver, this is the best selection around.

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