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Smoked the old fashion way. Real wood tastes real good.

Voted Best Butcher Shop

Bubba's Meats Logo

Smoked the old fashion way. Real wood tastes real good.

Wild Game Processing

We DO NOT accept whole or bone-in game

The Taste of Something Fresh

Shake things up at the dinner table by bringing in your own wild game to Bubba’s Meats LLC! After the hunt, bring your wild game to us to be made into any one of our great choices. Your hunting adventure will be completed in no time with fresh, delicious meat you can sink your teeth into.

Best of the Best 2019 Award, Voted best butcher shop

Voted Best Butcher Shop

We offer vacuum sealing for all products

Wild Game Processing Options

Venison, Elk, & Moose

Burgers, jerky, snack sticks, breakfast sausage, bacon, bologna, brats, smoked sausage, hot sticks, jalapeno sticks, summer sausage, jalapeno summer sausage, Thuringer sausage, and wieners.

Bear, Duck, Goose, & Turkey

Barbecue snack sticks, honey snack sticks, regular snack sticks, and summer sausage.

The best meats for the best price.

Get your wild game processed at a meat market you can trust to provide the best in quality and freshness

Bubba’s Meats LLC is your top choice for fresh, delicious wild game processing for your next party, game day, or even just a family dinner! Check out our delicious sausages and homemade products, or contact us to see what we’re offering today!

At Bubba’s Meats LLC, we’re committed to providing you with the best meals you’ve ever had.

Majestic Red Stag in yellowing autumn meadow
Wild Brown Bear on the bog in spring forest.
Male and female mallard duck coming into land on lake water

Have Any Questions?

Call for any questions or special orders you may have regarding our processing.

We DO NOT accept whole or bone-in game